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tableau bauhaus orange

Bauhaus Orange Painting

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR
tableau bauhaus multicolor

Multicolored Bauhaus Painting

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR
tableau bauhaus moderne

Modern Bauhaus Painting

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR
tableau bauhaus lignes

Bauhaus Lines Painting

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR
tableau bauhaus collection

Painting Bauhaus Collection

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR
tableau bauhaus cercle

Bauhaus Circle Painting

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR
tableau bauhaus carre

Bauhaus Square Painting

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR
tableau bauhaus ausstellung

Painting Bauhaus Ausstellung

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR
tableau bauhaus art

Painting Bauhaus Art

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR
tableau bauhaus 1919

Bauhaus painting 1919

Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR

Bauhaus Paintings: A harmonious fusion between art and modern design

For aficionados of contemporary decor, adding a Bauhaus painting to your space can really transform the atmosphere of your interior. At Le Monde Des Tableaux, we share your passion for elegant and harmonious interiors. This is why we have created an exclusive collection of Bauhaus paintings, where each work is a tribute to the simplicity, functionality and aesthetics characteristic of this iconic artistic movement.

🏢 Contemporary Bauhaus Painting: Express your passion for modern design

Do you have a vision or idea that you would like to see transformed into a piece of Bauhaus art? Immerse yourself in our range of personalized Bauhaus paintings. Provide us with a sketch or idea, and let our artists translate it into a sublime work of Bauhaus art. Contact us for more information !

🎨 Bauhaus and Abstraction: Add a Touch of Minimalist Elegance

If you are a fan of clean style or want to add an artistic dimension to your space, our collection of abstract Bauhaus paintings is for you. Each painting is a subtle play of geometric shapes and primary colors that will capture the attention of all visitors.

🔲 Geometric Bauhaus: Celebrate simplicity and functionality

From straight lines to geometric shapes, our collection of geometric Bauhaus paintings celebrates the minimalism and efficiency of the Bauhaus movement.

🖼️ Bauhaus Vintage: Modern art in all its splendor

Bring a hint of history to your decor with our series of vintage Bauhaus paintings. Each painting is a contemporary reinterpretation of iconic works of art from the Bauhaus movement.

🎯 Bauhaus and Typography: The essence of graphic art

For lovers of graphic art, our Bauhaus typographic paintings offer the perfect balance between contemporary art and the principles of Bauhaus. The careful details and balanced composition of these paintings will bring a unique depth to your interior decoration. Explore our gallery today and find the Bauhaus painting that will perfectly complement your space and your passion for decorating. Each work of art at Le Monde Des Tableaux is more than just a painting; it is an expression of love, innovation and beauty. We invite you to discover these wonders!”

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